Rise of Nightmares Review

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Rise of Nightmares Game Info
Game Title : Rise of Nightmares
Developer : SEGA
Publisher : SEGA
Platform : Xbox 360
Genre : Action
Release date : US: September 06, 2011, Europe: September 09, 2011

Rise of Nightmares has developed a horror survival video game by Sega be released for Xbox 360 The game was presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 and is designed for Kinect. The player assumes the role of an American tourist who must rescue his wife from a mad scientist.
Rise of Nightmares will play in a first-person perspective. Sentenced to be players in melee weapons, such as brass knuckles, knives, axes and chainsaws to leave, rather than firearms. The game takes place primarily in a villa-like, with the players. Samples deformed creatures like zombies and are able to cut into pieces and beheaded


When the game begins, you awaken is tied to a chair in a kind of torture chamber. The movie Hostel Eli Roth. Guide in this phone is another unfortunate soul, swinging a machete to fool the doctors, nurses and zombies would be a little sexy, was not lazy or the mouth and tongue, as she could into her head. The doctor is his cellmate with a bit of fun – only one hand before he buries the hatchet in the back of his skull. (Rise of the terrible nightmares, I)

Before the test, the doctor can do, even if he is called away on an urgent matter. He asks his assistant, the “care of you,” fill, while it is absent, but the possibility that the time in extremis by a man who apparently escaped saved from another room.

And then you are out of this blood sample from the subway and explore a slap in the face. Increased nightmares is a game where you have to get up to play. To go forward, put your right foot for you. The game continues to use the body to look around, I know there is a space for turning or rotating the entire upper body. If you have something interesting, you can examine your hand to. Approaches like a monster raise their fists and literally fight with the beast.

You can imagine how someone looks good the game: You are in the living room, rolled his shoulders back and forth, turning and shaking his fist. The controls seem to work for most, but is very slow, difficult game.

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Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Review

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Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Game Info
Game Title : Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension
Developer : High Impact Games
Publisher : Disney Interactive Studios
Platform : Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS
Genre : Action
Release date : US: August 02, 2011, Europe: August 02, 2011

Sometimes it is difficult to see the movie on TV, is based on the enthusiasm, especially if the film is part of the continuity of the event – too often seen fewer films and more extended episodes of the series. I am pleased to announce that it is not the case of Phineas and Ferb: Across The second aspect, which debuted today at least eight ET / PT.

TV show Phineas and Ferb are often very epic – I mean, are the roller coasters are built around their residence, built and used the portal in March found the nose of the monster in the lake, and gets a monkey a shower. But this film goes beyond that. Here’s a graphic scene without betraying also:

The boys test their new platypult, the more likely that you would think it would be if you end up accidentally in the laboratory of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, ie. Doofenshmirtz and his current “coordinator” is difficult – to give a device with an opening interdimensional portal – at work, and boys, who knows, of course, what is poor, to help him. There can, of course, each of them (and Candace and Perry) at the end of another dimension, a tri-state area by the poorest, and competent, is Doofenshmirtz (which also has a beard bad) are excluded. Alternative Dr D decided that he liked our hero “, a tri-state area to take, and so obvious that they must work together (with much help) to stop it.

Along the way, Perry has no choice but to show the guy who is actually a secret agent. In addition to details of another dimension (which will be one of the alternatives Candace, donkey, as the leader of the opposition and alternative Doofenshmirtz Phineas and Ferb are complete uninteresting), makes this film not only a long sequence. There is real character development in progress – you see real anger and hurt Phineas (because of his pet secrets with him) and he is still the most optimistic character in the show, except, of course, Isabelle. (Isabelle, Isabelle and other dimensions, and much to do in the movie, too.)


The PlayStation 3 and Wii Play fan swap up to 10 characters. Player works with me to the potential players for the mode of navigation through the collaboration of the old days in a cartoon world 1928-Style, a lawn gnome and country, a world of jelly. And a mission to save the world for 25 players to travel through exciting levels of obstacles. You can also update when new gadget that carbonate between what you can shoot enemies and orange soda Melt Gloves Ninja, who cling to the walls of permits player. In this way, collect items and unlock more playable characters from the fans, including one at the Official T a formal Owca made ??especially for the game. The PlayStation 3 version for the first time a video game motion game Phineas and Ferb conveyor provides drivers compatible with PlayStation.

DS version, fans play comes Phineas, Ferb, Agent P, or the player or to jump, dodge, race, and fought five world for more than 30 levels of play. Players will be able to work I win Apparatus For updates between a desired gadget baseball pitcher and a half P – The armed attack, while solving the puzzle Environmental alternatives in an attempt to store Danville.

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NHL 12 Review

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NHL 12 Game Info
Game Title : NHL 12
Developer : EA Canada
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre : Sports
Release date : US: September 13, 2011, Europe: September 09, 2011

NHL 12 is a hockey video game developed by EA Canada aspiring and published by EA Sports. The game will be available September 9, 2011 September 13, 2011 may be in Europe and North America. The play was presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. Steven Stamka on the cover of the athlete of the Games was to be announced June 22, 2011, the NHL Awards Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game includes goalkeepers, in particular, more interactive (ie, players can enter into real contact with the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper of one another), to improve the way Pro, an improved physics engine and the possibility playing in the NHL Winter Classic 2011.

EA Sports NHL 12 legend continues. Play your way to fame by playing in a new Pro mode and experience moments of his legendary career as a player, to cement and records the history of the NHL. The experience of the real action and real life energy of 12 NHL hockey with full physics engine, bring you in contact with the track of all those now living in the ice – breaking glass sent flying helmets players and tables and benches. Discover a new look with all the presentations of the new game for the first time, an opportunity to gather in the open under the lights of one of the biggest events of the season in the NHL Winter Classic Hockey Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. This year, the first goalie to see the dynamics of the game, players can leave the network and make contact with the goalkeeper out of position or vice versa, and the folding of the accident. Watch as guardian of the fight through the screens to create stunning saves and leaves the fold hated rivals trade blows in a fight.

* Players will be able to beat the goalkeeper.

* Goalkeepers can fight them.

* As Pro is authentic. New additions include the ability to start in the CHL and play there for up to four seasons, a project that is prepared in stages over 18 career NHL Entry to the tasks of training and simulation games that run alongside with the player.

* Improved physics are more realistic views with out helmets, players on the bench, knuckleball shot, broken glass, and a greater flow washer.

* Players are not so easy to lose balance as a whole when they meet. For example, a player with hands or a trip over the knee can rebalance when they arrive.

* GM mode using the player to retire jerseys. For this reason, some numbers are excluded from the players. GM mode is a more authentic with things like salaries for beginning players, injuries and is more accurate.

Players will play as the NHL Winter Classic 2011 Heinz Field in Pittsburgh fans at the Winter Classic to win passage.

* A new feature, the action tracker to follow the simulated game, “players face each case and, if necessary.

* The data and simulation results are totally dependent on the style of the players and notes.

* Improved business logic, it is much harder to change the elite players in the way of GM.

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Brink Review

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Brink Game Info
Game Title : Brink
Developer : Splash Damage
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Platform : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre : Shooter
Release date : US: May 10, 2011, Europe: May 13, 2011

Brink (Brink stylized) is a FPS game by Splash Damage for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is developed. He was 10th in North America May 2011, Australia 12 May 13 May in Europe and Japan on 16 Published in June.

Brink, two factions, the power and security, the fight in a utopian city, formerly known as L’Arche, a city known floating in the waters of the flood.

Brink Steamworks Integration, including the Valve Anti-Cheat. Running on id Tech 4 and has a framework of representation updated with improved support for multiple processor cores. Brink is a FPS with an emphasis on parkour style movement. Online multiplayer servers up to 16 players can play cooperatively or against each other, players, or robots with artificial intelligence.

There are four classes: soldier, doctor, engineer and operations. The system of the same class can also be found in the previous game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The soldier gives teammates to throw Molotov cocktails and grenades, and can completely destroy targets with explosives. Fans of engineering arms of their peers and can make weapons, turrets and mines and fixtures can fully recover and build targets. The doctor cures his fellow classmates suddenly revived, and fans of the health of their teammates. PHOTOS fallen opponent operational requirements of Intel on enemy positions, engages in acts of sabotage and masquerades as the enemy. Players can buy their characters special abilities and gain experience points for completing objectives. skills which the player can buy for your character is “universal” (skills, a player in a position independent of their class during a mission), and class specific (skills which the player is used only if this class). All the characters from the beginning, the “starter kit” for each class so they can make the most important objectives. The class-specific skills they buy, can, can provide its capabilities and its role in a particular class, and then make the goals easier to achieve a gain of experience points. the same experience, both individual and multiplayer deserves a “Line Bonus” points of experience as a lineman on a mission. Bethesda says that a total of players need to create unique combinations 102000000000000, if small changes are made

There are several possible combinations of appearance of a character. One of the most important is the nature of the body. There are three different body types Brink: heavy and light. Each body type has its advantages and disadvantages. Heavier body types are very large and have a large muscle mass. This can all weapons in the game may be his main weapon as powerful as a machine gun or heavy weapons and backup can be as powerful as an automatic weapon. Heavier body types, the highest health. However, they have less speed sprint and parkour skills are limited to just over small obstacles, the size or jumping down.

The types of medium body has less muscle mass and are thinner than heavy. It can handle most of the weapons. His main weapon is as powerful as an automatic rifle, and his backup weapon as powerful as a machine gun. The health of the medium is lower than in other types of heavy body, but his sprinting speed is much faster and parkour skills are more obstacles to clear head height.

The type of light body has less muscle mass and are thinner than average. They are also very limited weapons that can handle. His main weapon is as powerful as a machine gun, and his backup weapon is strictly limited to a gun (but the handling of a firearm, regardless of body type or class, can use the player, the attack more melee damage a knife). You also have the lowest health. However, they have the fastest sprint and parkour skills to help them to blow up the wall so that barriers can be removed quickly and does not even reach that other regions of the body.

The system offers players the objectives contextual platoon leader. A variety of factors, which players grow as the capabilities of the entire mission, etc. to determine what are the objectives. During the game online or offline, players can defend one of the levers of their faction or after taking an order from the enemy.

There are two types of command posts: the health and care. Each team has a command post, where the reinforcements will begin. The command post can not be captured by the team and every enemy is killed by indestructible tower. However, there are some health clinics and provision of instructions that can be captured. If a player picks up a command post, the buff all the health of their teammates or deliveries. When a player acquires skills of your character, then after ingestion, you can use the command post (the special ability of the technician) or a firewall (the ability of a special operation).

A wheel shows the primary goal of yellow and a checkpoint that the player must do to achieve this goal. The main objectives are essential to complete the mission. Depending on which side the player is on a mission and only a certain amount of players is the most important goals the opposing team before they can not be allowed to complete the mission. There are also secondary objectives. Secondary objectives are not critical, but they can easily complete the mission. These include the capture of an enemy command post, the construction / destruction of a fence, cutting a door on the side of the enemy, the repair of a lift or offer an alternative route. Each player has a goal of the wheel in your inventory and in some missions, in time to reach the goal above. Each goal is to experience points (XP), when they are completed. During the game you gain experience and unlock new skills / equipment are used to set for your individual character.

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Captain America: Super Soldier Review

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Captain America: Super Soldier Game Info
Game Title : Captain America: Super Soldier
Developer: Next Level Games
Publisher: Sega
Platform : Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre : Action
Release : EU July 15, 2011, NA July 19, 2011

Join Captain America ™, the ultimate super-soldier, when the Red Army in front of this fascinating adventure of the original skull in the third person in the darkest days of World War II. The legendary shield of Captain America used to incapacitate enemies at a distance to interact with the environment, and again to deflect enemy fire of the enemy through the mighty fortress of Hydra to save the world from evil adversaries Cap

Be prepared to protect the first launch in the battle to make their super-human performance with the superior forces of the first super-soldier in the fingertips.

Captain America Super Soldier is an upcoming third person game loosely on the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Chris Evans is an essential aspect of the role of Captain America in the film Reprise.

How To Play
The player controls Captain America to dispose of his shield to deflect bullets to solve puzzles and stairs walls. Captain American free use of acrobatic fight against their enemies.

HYDRA The lock is to fight in the game, and Captain America on many accomplices, including the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of HYDRA, and Red Skull. Arnim Zola also appears in the game, the players must stop their evil experiments. The story of the game was written by Christos Gage, who has worked in comics, movies and television shows. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game can be played in 3D and TriOviz 2DTVs 3DTVs Inficolor through 3D glasses.

Play as Captain America
Battles against the invading enemies for world domination to infiltrate an organization of World War II, with his super-soldier skills of a castle by the forces of Hydra and destroy the forces of evil.

Legendary Shield Cap Exercise
The screen offers a variety of attacks with rockets and heavy punishment defense. With groups of enemies in order to block attacks to destroy the objects interact with the environment and reflected to enemy fire.

Overt conflict devastating
Move freely through the struggle of the castle with precision acrobatic combos, as you will some opponents with punches, kicks found, throws his shield and the powerful. Take control of a tower or a soldier to shoot their weapons to use against him.

Target platforms
Use Cap impressive athleticism to overcome when dealing with environmental problems due to scale walls, climb and spectacular jumps and vaults to perform. The time-based controls to manage advanced moves and execute the mission took place in different ways.

Mixing original story
Play a fascinating original story writer Christos Gage popular movies in the Marvel Universe has been resolved, but especially to bring more depth to the game made​​. Moments interactive scripts and the collapse of the theater as a movie action sequences.

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Dragon Age II: Legacy Review

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Dragon Age II: Legacy Game Info
Game Title : Dragon Age II: Legacy
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform : Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Genre : Role Playing
Release : NA March 8, 2011, AUS March 10, 2011, EU March 11, 2011

Set in the mythical world of Theda, Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke fled, the people in Ferelden during the events of Dragon Age: Origins and came into the neighboring state of Kirkwall as refugees. Within a decade, Hawke would increase the power and influence for the legendary “Champion of Kirkwall”, and changed the center of attention during the Theda forever. The game focuses on the birth of power Hawke and is framed by flashbacks from an old guy Hawke Varrich, “true story” refers to the sample Pentaghast Cassandra, a religious seeker Theda’s Chantry. Hawke characters are Fenris-mate (an elf and a former slave in the kingdom Tevinter) (rejected eleven Dalish of his clan), Merrill (locked a pirate captain in Kirkwall, after his ship crashed), Isabela, other (former Grey Warden and the breakaway ), Aveline traps (Fereldan a refugee, a guard is) Varrich Tethras (a dwarf, an espionage network in Kirkwall pretends) Sebastian Vael (formerly Stark Haven has grown a prince in Kirkwall Chantry), and both Carver (brother Hawke) or Bethany (sister Hawke). Some companion characters help the plot in one important way, otherwise destroy the Chantry in Kirkwall and Isabela qunari to an artifact in Kirkwall qunari more than they made to stay there (and steal to create conflict between the people of Kirkwall and qunari).

It seems that Dragon Age is always the first downloadable content pack earlier than many expected. DLC “Legacy” is 26 on all platforms will be released in July and BioWare has stated that it contained a much more difficult.

The package of deep immersion in the history of the Hawke family and represents a new challenge, new monsters and difficult struggle that EA says that the needs of the tactical use all his skills to the group.

A live demonstration of the DLC, during the presentation showed that the players for a Grey Warden prison, and also offers a more “open”, “new creatures and Darkspawn,” including an “Alpha genlock” said Game Informer.

Pending numerous boss fights and mini new options for customizing your weapon, which can be performed in areas outside the DLC, the largest party.

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UFC Personal Trainer Review

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UFC Personal Trainer Game Info
Game Title : UFC Personal Trainer
Developer : Heavy Iron
Publisher : THQ
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii
Genre : Sports
Release date : US: June 14, 2011, Europe: July 01, 2011

Personal Trainer is a UFC fight is the fitness and video games produced by Sega. This game is a continuation of the series Undisputed UFC, but differs in its gameplay, kinetic accessories needed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, PlayStation Move versions. There is also a Wii version to play does not have all the accessories.

Original publication by June 2011 from the 1st January delayed.

THQ Executive Vice President Danny Bilson has stated that it was fighting “the coolest thing in the world.

Designed by NASM, with key support mixed martial arts (MMA) training expertise of Mark Della Grotte Greg Jackson and Javier Méndez, fitness routines and busy schedules UFC Personal Trainer is a stimulating and motivating experience and UFC suitability to provide the most effective exercises used by Famous UFC fighter today. Della Grotta, Jackson and Mendez currently three of the largest training facilities operating in the MMA world and contributed greatly to the success of many elite fighters as the UFC light heavyweight champion UFC Jon Jones, the current heavyweight champion of former UFC champion UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez Frank


MMA female supremacy in February again showed it was very exciting for fans of Mixed Martial Arts, but of course, many wonder if it ever had a real UFC train simulator game on the market like the real professionals. Well, you know? It appears from nowhere, announced THQ (Developer Home Front) and Zuffa’s first UFC personal trainer, is all about the formation of an MMA fighter now nearly the top of the line and the expert Greg Jackson MMA UFC, Javier Mendez and della grotte Marcos .

At first glance it may seem too ambitious and mealy more like a game can teach a real expert in MMA, but when I heard that this game will be exclusive to Xbox 360 KINECTS suddenly makes sense. While the developers are sure not to submit other consoles as a personal trainer UFC on the Wii and Sony PS run move the release date in June.

So far, the features of this game is all about the training of real players “what the training is a professional MMA fighter. Includes a high-impact exercise, fitness, comprehensive monitoring system of the body that are activated by voice commands, and much more!

In fact, even the UFC President Dana White has a statement saying the organization wants the fans to their favorite athletes practice UFC [and this game is all about him] made??.

Rate announcement expected in June as well. But do not expect a warrior ju-jit-His playing in the night, right?

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