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UFC Personal Trainer Review

UFC Personal Trainer Game Info
Game Title : UFC Personal Trainer
Developer : Heavy Iron
Publisher : THQ
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii
Genre : Sports
Release date : US: June 14, 2011, Europe: July 01, 2011

Personal Trainer is a UFC fight is the fitness and video games produced by Sega. This game is a continuation of the series Undisputed UFC, but differs in its gameplay, kinetic accessories needed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, PlayStation Move versions. There is also a Wii version to play does not have all the accessories.

Original publication by June 2011 from the 1st January delayed.

THQ Executive Vice President Danny Bilson has stated that it was fighting “the coolest thing in the world.

Designed by NASM, with key support mixed martial arts (MMA) training expertise of Mark Della Grotte Greg Jackson and Javier Méndez, fitness routines and busy schedules UFC Personal Trainer is a stimulating and motivating experience and UFC suitability to provide the most effective exercises used by Famous UFC fighter today. Della Grotta, Jackson and Mendez currently three of the largest training facilities operating in the MMA world and contributed greatly to the success of many elite fighters as the UFC light heavyweight champion UFC Jon Jones, the current heavyweight champion of former UFC champion UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez Frank


MMA female supremacy in February again showed it was very exciting for fans of Mixed Martial Arts, but of course, many wonder if it ever had a real UFC train simulator game on the market like the real professionals. Well, you know? It appears from nowhere, announced THQ (Developer Home Front) and Zuffa’s first UFC personal trainer, is all about the formation of an MMA fighter now nearly the top of the line and the expert Greg Jackson MMA UFC, Javier Mendez and della grotte Marcos .

At first glance it may seem too ambitious and mealy more like a game can teach a real expert in MMA, but when I heard that this game will be exclusive to Xbox 360 KINECTS suddenly makes sense. While the developers are sure not to submit other consoles as a personal trainer UFC on the Wii and Sony PS run move the release date in June.

So far, the features of this game is all about the training of real players “what the training is a professional MMA fighter. Includes a high-impact exercise, fitness, comprehensive monitoring system of the body that are activated by voice commands, and much more!

In fact, even the UFC President Dana White has a statement saying the organization wants the fans to their favorite athletes practice UFC [and this game is all about him] made??.

Rate announcement expected in June as well. But do not expect a warrior ju-jit-His playing in the night, right?

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