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Captain America: Super Soldier Review

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Captain America: Super Soldier Game Info
Game Title : Captain America: Super Soldier
Developer: Next Level Games
Publisher: Sega
Platform : Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre : Action
Release : EU July 15, 2011, NA July 19, 2011

Join Captain America ™, the ultimate super-soldier, when the Red Army in front of this fascinating adventure of the original skull in the third person in the darkest days of World War II. The legendary shield of Captain America used to incapacitate enemies at a distance to interact with the environment, and again to deflect enemy fire of the enemy through the mighty fortress of Hydra to save the world from evil adversaries Cap

Be prepared to protect the first launch in the battle to make their super-human performance with the superior forces of the first super-soldier in the fingertips.

Captain America Super Soldier is an upcoming third person game loosely on the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Chris Evans is an essential aspect of the role of Captain America in the film Reprise.

How To Play
The player controls Captain America to dispose of his shield to deflect bullets to solve puzzles and stairs walls. Captain American free use of acrobatic fight against their enemies.

HYDRA The lock is to fight in the game, and Captain America on many accomplices, including the infamous Iron Cross, the forces of HYDRA, and Red Skull. Arnim Zola also appears in the game, the players must stop their evil experiments. The story of the game was written by Christos Gage, who has worked in comics, movies and television shows. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game can be played in 3D and TriOviz 2DTVs 3DTVs Inficolor through 3D glasses.

Play as Captain America
Battles against the invading enemies for world domination to infiltrate an organization of World War II, with his super-soldier skills of a castle by the forces of Hydra and destroy the forces of evil.

Legendary Shield Cap Exercise
The screen offers a variety of attacks with rockets and heavy punishment defense. With groups of enemies in order to block attacks to destroy the objects interact with the environment and reflected to enemy fire.

Overt conflict devastating
Move freely through the struggle of the castle with precision acrobatic combos, as you will some opponents with punches, kicks found, throws his shield and the powerful. Take control of a tower or a soldier to shoot their weapons to use against him.

Target platforms
Use Cap impressive athleticism to overcome when dealing with environmental problems due to scale walls, climb and spectacular jumps and vaults to perform. The time-based controls to manage advanced moves and execute the mission took place in different ways.

Mixing original story
Play a fascinating original story writer Christos Gage popular movies in the Marvel Universe has been resolved, but especially to bring more depth to the game made​​. Moments interactive scripts and the collapse of the theater as a movie action sequences.

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Dragon Age II: Legacy Review

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Dragon Age II: Legacy Game Info
Game Title : Dragon Age II: Legacy
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform : Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Genre : Role Playing
Release : NA March 8, 2011, AUS March 10, 2011, EU March 11, 2011

Set in the mythical world of Theda, Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke fled, the people in Ferelden during the events of Dragon Age: Origins and came into the neighboring state of Kirkwall as refugees. Within a decade, Hawke would increase the power and influence for the legendary “Champion of Kirkwall”, and changed the center of attention during the Theda forever. The game focuses on the birth of power Hawke and is framed by flashbacks from an old guy Hawke Varrich, “true story” refers to the sample Pentaghast Cassandra, a religious seeker Theda’s Chantry. Hawke characters are Fenris-mate (an elf and a former slave in the kingdom Tevinter) (rejected eleven Dalish of his clan), Merrill (locked a pirate captain in Kirkwall, after his ship crashed), Isabela, other (former Grey Warden and the breakaway ), Aveline traps (Fereldan a refugee, a guard is) Varrich Tethras (a dwarf, an espionage network in Kirkwall pretends) Sebastian Vael (formerly Stark Haven has grown a prince in Kirkwall Chantry), and both Carver (brother Hawke) or Bethany (sister Hawke). Some companion characters help the plot in one important way, otherwise destroy the Chantry in Kirkwall and Isabela qunari to an artifact in Kirkwall qunari more than they made to stay there (and steal to create conflict between the people of Kirkwall and qunari).

It seems that Dragon Age is always the first downloadable content pack earlier than many expected. DLC “Legacy” is 26 on all platforms will be released in July and BioWare has stated that it contained a much more difficult.

The package of deep immersion in the history of the Hawke family and represents a new challenge, new monsters and difficult struggle that EA says that the needs of the tactical use all his skills to the group.

A live demonstration of the DLC, during the presentation showed that the players for a Grey Warden prison, and also offers a more “open”, “new creatures and Darkspawn,” including an “Alpha genlock” said Game Informer.

Pending numerous boss fights and mini new options for customizing your weapon, which can be performed in areas outside the DLC, the largest party.

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