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Dragon Age II: Legacy Review

Dragon Age II: Legacy Game Info
Game Title : Dragon Age II: Legacy
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform : Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Genre : Role Playing
Release : NA March 8, 2011, AUS March 10, 2011, EU March 11, 2011

Set in the mythical world of Theda, Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke fled, the people in Ferelden during the events of Dragon Age: Origins and came into the neighboring state of Kirkwall as refugees. Within a decade, Hawke would increase the power and influence for the legendary “Champion of Kirkwall”, and changed the center of attention during the Theda forever. The game focuses on the birth of power Hawke and is framed by flashbacks from an old guy Hawke Varrich, “true story” refers to the sample Pentaghast Cassandra, a religious seeker Theda’s Chantry. Hawke characters are Fenris-mate (an elf and a former slave in the kingdom Tevinter) (rejected eleven Dalish of his clan), Merrill (locked a pirate captain in Kirkwall, after his ship crashed), Isabela, other (former Grey Warden and the breakaway ), Aveline traps (Fereldan a refugee, a guard is) Varrich Tethras (a dwarf, an espionage network in Kirkwall pretends) Sebastian Vael (formerly Stark Haven has grown a prince in Kirkwall Chantry), and both Carver (brother Hawke) or Bethany (sister Hawke). Some companion characters help the plot in one important way, otherwise destroy the Chantry in Kirkwall and Isabela qunari to an artifact in Kirkwall qunari more than they made to stay there (and steal to create conflict between the people of Kirkwall and qunari).

It seems that Dragon Age is always the first downloadable content pack earlier than many expected. DLC “Legacy” is 26 on all platforms will be released in July and BioWare has stated that it contained a much more difficult.

The package of deep immersion in the history of the Hawke family and represents a new challenge, new monsters and difficult struggle that EA says that the needs of the tactical use all his skills to the group.

A live demonstration of the DLC, during the presentation showed that the players for a Grey Warden prison, and also offers a more “open”, “new creatures and Darkspawn,” including an “Alpha genlock” said Game Informer.

Pending numerous boss fights and mini new options for customizing your weapon, which can be performed in areas outside the DLC, the largest party.

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