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Brink Review

Brink Game Info
Game Title : Brink
Developer : Splash Damage
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Platform : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre : Shooter
Release date : US: May 10, 2011, Europe: May 13, 2011

Brink (Brink stylized) is a FPS game by Splash Damage for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is developed. He was 10th in North America May 2011, Australia 12 May 13 May in Europe and Japan on 16 Published in June.

Brink, two factions, the power and security, the fight in a utopian city, formerly known as L’Arche, a city known floating in the waters of the flood.

Brink Steamworks Integration, including the Valve Anti-Cheat. Running on id Tech 4 and has a framework of representation updated with improved support for multiple processor cores. Brink is a FPS with an emphasis on parkour style movement. Online multiplayer servers up to 16 players can play cooperatively or against each other, players, or robots with artificial intelligence.

There are four classes: soldier, doctor, engineer and operations. The system of the same class can also be found in the previous game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The soldier gives teammates to throw Molotov cocktails and grenades, and can completely destroy targets with explosives. Fans of engineering arms of their peers and can make weapons, turrets and mines and fixtures can fully recover and build targets. The doctor cures his fellow classmates suddenly revived, and fans of the health of their teammates. PHOTOS fallen opponent operational requirements of Intel on enemy positions, engages in acts of sabotage and masquerades as the enemy. Players can buy their characters special abilities and gain experience points for completing objectives. skills which the player can buy for your character is “universal” (skills, a player in a position independent of their class during a mission), and class specific (skills which the player is used only if this class). All the characters from the beginning, the “starter kit” for each class so they can make the most important objectives. The class-specific skills they buy, can, can provide its capabilities and its role in a particular class, and then make the goals easier to achieve a gain of experience points. the same experience, both individual and multiplayer deserves a “Line Bonus” points of experience as a lineman on a mission. Bethesda says that a total of players need to create unique combinations 102000000000000, if small changes are made

There are several possible combinations of appearance of a character. One of the most important is the nature of the body. There are three different body types Brink: heavy and light. Each body type has its advantages and disadvantages. Heavier body types are very large and have a large muscle mass. This can all weapons in the game may be his main weapon as powerful as a machine gun or heavy weapons and backup can be as powerful as an automatic weapon. Heavier body types, the highest health. However, they have less speed sprint and parkour skills are limited to just over small obstacles, the size or jumping down.

The types of medium body has less muscle mass and are thinner than heavy. It can handle most of the weapons. His main weapon is as powerful as an automatic rifle, and his backup weapon as powerful as a machine gun. The health of the medium is lower than in other types of heavy body, but his sprinting speed is much faster and parkour skills are more obstacles to clear head height.

The type of light body has less muscle mass and are thinner than average. They are also very limited weapons that can handle. His main weapon is as powerful as a machine gun, and his backup weapon is strictly limited to a gun (but the handling of a firearm, regardless of body type or class, can use the player, the attack more melee damage a knife). You also have the lowest health. However, they have the fastest sprint and parkour skills to help them to blow up the wall so that barriers can be removed quickly and does not even reach that other regions of the body.

The system offers players the objectives contextual platoon leader. A variety of factors, which players grow as the capabilities of the entire mission, etc. to determine what are the objectives. During the game online or offline, players can defend one of the levers of their faction or after taking an order from the enemy.

There are two types of command posts: the health and care. Each team has a command post, where the reinforcements will begin. The command post can not be captured by the team and every enemy is killed by indestructible tower. However, there are some health clinics and provision of instructions that can be captured. If a player picks up a command post, the buff all the health of their teammates or deliveries. When a player acquires skills of your character, then after ingestion, you can use the command post (the special ability of the technician) or a firewall (the ability of a special operation).

A wheel shows the primary goal of yellow and a checkpoint that the player must do to achieve this goal. The main objectives are essential to complete the mission. Depending on which side the player is on a mission and only a certain amount of players is the most important goals the opposing team before they can not be allowed to complete the mission. There are also secondary objectives. Secondary objectives are not critical, but they can easily complete the mission. These include the capture of an enemy command post, the construction / destruction of a fence, cutting a door on the side of the enemy, the repair of a lift or offer an alternative route. Each player has a goal of the wheel in your inventory and in some missions, in time to reach the goal above. Each goal is to experience points (XP), when they are completed. During the game you gain experience and unlock new skills / equipment are used to set for your individual character.

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