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NHL 12 Review

NHL 12 Game Info
Game Title : NHL 12
Developer : EA Canada
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre : Sports
Release date : US: September 13, 2011, Europe: September 09, 2011

NHL 12 is a hockey video game developed by EA Canada aspiring and published by EA Sports. The game will be available September 9, 2011 September 13, 2011 may be in Europe and North America. The play was presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. Steven Stamka on the cover of the athlete of the Games was to be announced June 22, 2011, the NHL Awards Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game includes goalkeepers, in particular, more interactive (ie, players can enter into real contact with the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper of one another), to improve the way Pro, an improved physics engine and the possibility playing in the NHL Winter Classic 2011.

EA Sports NHL 12 legend continues. Play your way to fame by playing in a new Pro mode and experience moments of his legendary career as a player, to cement and records the history of the NHL. The experience of the real action and real life energy of 12 NHL hockey with full physics engine, bring you in contact with the track of all those now living in the ice – breaking glass sent flying helmets players and tables and benches. Discover a new look with all the presentations of the new game for the first time, an opportunity to gather in the open under the lights of one of the biggest events of the season in the NHL Winter Classic Hockey Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. This year, the first goalie to see the dynamics of the game, players can leave the network and make contact with the goalkeeper out of position or vice versa, and the folding of the accident. Watch as guardian of the fight through the screens to create stunning saves and leaves the fold hated rivals trade blows in a fight.

* Players will be able to beat the goalkeeper.

* Goalkeepers can fight them.

* As Pro is authentic. New additions include the ability to start in the CHL and play there for up to four seasons, a project that is prepared in stages over 18 career NHL Entry to the tasks of training and simulation games that run alongside with the player.

* Improved physics are more realistic views with out helmets, players on the bench, knuckleball shot, broken glass, and a greater flow washer.

* Players are not so easy to lose balance as a whole when they meet. For example, a player with hands or a trip over the knee can rebalance when they arrive.

* GM mode using the player to retire jerseys. For this reason, some numbers are excluded from the players. GM mode is a more authentic with things like salaries for beginning players, injuries and is more accurate.

Players will play as the NHL Winter Classic 2011 Heinz Field in Pittsburgh fans at the Winter Classic to win passage.

* A new feature, the action tracker to follow the simulated game, “players face each case and, if necessary.

* The data and simulation results are totally dependent on the style of the players and notes.

* Improved business logic, it is much harder to change the elite players in the way of GM.

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