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Rise of Nightmares Review

Rise of Nightmares Game Info
Game Title : Rise of Nightmares
Developer : SEGA
Publisher : SEGA
Platform : Xbox 360
Genre : Action
Release date : US: September 06, 2011, Europe: September 09, 2011

Rise of Nightmares has developed a horror survival video game by Sega be released for Xbox 360 The game was presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 and is designed for Kinect. The player assumes the role of an American tourist who must rescue his wife from a mad scientist.
Rise of Nightmares will play in a first-person perspective. Sentenced to be players in melee weapons, such as brass knuckles, knives, axes and chainsaws to leave, rather than firearms. The game takes place primarily in a villa-like, with the players. Samples deformed creatures like zombies and are able to cut into pieces and beheaded


When the game begins, you awaken is tied to a chair in a kind of torture chamber. The movie Hostel Eli Roth. Guide in this phone is another unfortunate soul, swinging a machete to fool the doctors, nurses and zombies would be a little sexy, was not lazy or the mouth and tongue, as she could into her head. The doctor is his cellmate with a bit of fun – only one hand before he buries the hatchet in the back of his skull. (Rise of the terrible nightmares, I)

Before the test, the doctor can do, even if he is called away on an urgent matter. He asks his assistant, the “care of you,” fill, while it is absent, but the possibility that the time in extremis by a man who apparently escaped saved from another room.

And then you are out of this blood sample from the subway and explore a slap in the face. Increased nightmares is a game where you have to get up to play. To go forward, put your right foot for you. The game continues to use the body to look around, I know there is a space for turning or rotating the entire upper body. If you have something interesting, you can examine your hand to. Approaches like a monster raise their fists and literally fight with the beast.

You can imagine how someone looks good the game: You are in the living room, rolled his shoulders back and forth, turning and shaking his fist. The controls seem to work for most, but is very slow, difficult game.

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