Super Street Fighter 4 Review

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Super Street Fighter 4 Game Info
Game Title : Super Street Fighter 4
Developer : Capcom
Publisher : Capcom
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS
Genre : Fighting
Release date : US: April 27, 2010, Europe: April 30, 2010

In one year I spent over 500 hours in Street Fighter quarter play against friends and strangers in the online gambling, I realized a respectable 68% win rate (though perhaps not something to brag about your friend). I’m honored a lot of time with the last entry in the franchise fighters Capcom, Super Street Fighter 4 seen, and I feel I played a simple repetition of the same game am

Super Street Fighter 4 is not a gradual upgrade, is somewhat larger. Much larger. And it will help grow the community in order to generate SF4 a year ago. Tenacious players who refuse to go to SSF4 SF4 omitted. Good luck finding a suitable online SF4, the community has to travel, so that match is nothing more than a ghost town in SF4 PSN and XBL servers.

How To Play

As Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV with 3D backgrounds and characters portrayed in a 2D plane. Focus attacks and unique additions such separate meters for both Super and Ultra Combos make a comeback. Ultra Combo and movement indicator is unchanged from Street Fighter IV. All characters have at least two ultra combos. Can be selected on an Ultra one time in a manner similar to the system of Arts in Super Street Fighter III series.

The goal is to deplete the opponents health meter before time runs out. The player wins a round, if you deplete the health meter of your opponent, or have more health than your opponent when time runs out. If both players have their meters at one time or the same amount as the round timer ends, resulting in a “double knock” or a similar game where both players a turn to win. If no clear winner in the final, which will result in a “drawing board” (for online play, both players will lose the points battle, player points, the result of a tie.)

Like previous entries, Super Street Fighter II played with a set of eight leadership positions allows players to jump, crouch, and move in and out of the opposition. In general, there are six attack buttons to punch and kick with both three commands in each category vary in strength and speed. As in the last two games of the series Street Fighter III, players are able to do grabs and taunts by the sudden light and heavy and Back buttons, respectively.

When playing through the single player mode, when activated, additional bonus levels that allow the possibility of additional points, similar to those found in Street Fighter II to receive. The first challenge is to break a car while the second, as they can rest players barrels.

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Bulletstorm Review

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Bulletstorm Game Info
Game Title : Bulletstorm
Developer : People Can Fly/Epic Games
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genre : First-person shooter
Release date : US: February 22, 2011, Europe: February 25, 2011

Bullet storm by his sense of style and absurd humor characterized to reward players with points to make more and more ridiculous kills. Storm ball has no multiplayer modes, however, contain play online instead of cooperation and Score Attack.

Picture Bullets produce different skills hectic storm fixtures unprecedented. The fire system rewards player skill for laying waste to enemies in the fanciful. What crazy for a strike capability to unlock to improve the player more points and collect weapons, which in turn allows them to move more inventive and skills to carry out plans over the top.

How To Play

Players use a large warehouse battle moves from the top and the big guns. Bullet storms also have various “shots.” Gameplay vaccine capacity player award for the chaos and behind the changes of the most creative and destructive potential to create an enemy in the air to kill the enemy in the carnivorous plant in the implementation of the enemy after shooting him in the testicles. The most common not to buy roses to open, the more points the player upgrades their character and weapons. If this is a recurring creative movement, character players “max out” to win, that fire is a skill that most and shoot to kill, so players move more creative and make the shots too much skill.

Points are distributed as payment for the “drop kit on the planet using a player who can fill the ammunition. Drop Kit having a gun store, complete list of skills and game statistics. Players can not be increased, their weapons, but have different weapons, ammunition, equipment purchases, update the amount of ammunition to carry out and buy special ammunition “cost.” Players can equip up to three guns, assault rifles with standard weapons, it always has and is considered the mainstay of the gun scene.

The range of weapons from a gun, pistol, two shells are connected by a chain of transmission, about the enemy or a piece of plastic explosive environment. Each weapon has a “fire alternative” fashion, the cost is used, for example, the attack is an alternative to firing a single bullet explosion that destroyed almost everything on the road. One device, the player with most of the game is “the power lines, cables from the device in the left hand projected path that allows him to bring his enemies to activate a specific device and fall., And was hit by a ball of energy all the enemies will be launched into the air the player can run and kick the enemy and fall into .. Usually, if an enemy in the air caused by the player back to life, he was a descendant of the high voltage slow as high or gravity as the kick is allowed. kicking an opponent in the range of belts to find something dangerous, and failure to attract.

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Full House Poker Review

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Full House Poker Game Info
Developer : Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios
Platform : Xbox 360 (XBLA), Windows Phone 7
Genre : Card and Board
Release date : US: March 16, 2011

Full House Poker is developing a video poker game Texas Hold em and published by Microsoft Game Studios and published for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade, and Windows 7 Phone 16th March 2011. The game is the spiritual successor of 1 vs 100 planned events such as the Texas heat known. Full House Poker offers live tournaments such as television, poker tournaments throughout the season and most traditional Texas Hold Em confrontations “controlled with up to 30 human players or computer.

All is Full House Poker! Play Texas Hold ‘Em to your friends and thousands of players around the world and bring their personality to the table was a lot of unlockables and unique. Save your player progression and benefits between meetings, such as increased gambling and the brand as a professional poker full house!

How To Play

Texas Hold ‘Em, with the avatars of the Xbox. Play alone or go play against friends and random opponents online. The games can be as small as two players to the tournament field to 30 players. Warmth in Texas, a 30-minute show live poker contest, aspiring card sharks online virtual currency, experience points and earn unlockable items. Players can also go to their bankroll with a fellow widows seventh games on mobile

The heat of Texas, remembers “(now defunct) Xbox Live MMO questionnaire 1 in 100, and is fun to play. No curfew, but players can battle online against the victory of the opponents live the winning hand and intelligent action for more XP.

The heat is well balanced. Players go from table to table, playing against opponents of their level. If you play well, we adopted a high table, if not, then down. The better you do, more competition and more XP you earn. The game is fast and without effort, with preset actions (bet, double), and a timer of 15 seconds for the game in motion. I was surprised how many hands you can do inside.

Besides the heat of Texas and offers solo and multiplayer, players can have “professional players”in the Pro Showdown, a good one-on-one poker game against the archetypes of fiction. The game offers players the chance to play with Xbox Avatars underutilized. Dress your virtual self as ridiculous as possible and with the keys aggressive / passive emotion to the table is incredibly fun. Earn unlockable areas, chairs, bridges, costumes, tricks, and all forms of flea FHP keep players coming back for more.

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

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Duke Nukem Forever Game Info
Game Title : Duke Nukem Forever
Developer : Gearbox Software
Publisher : 2K Games
Platform : Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre : Shooter
Release date : US: June 14, 2011, Europe: June 10, 2011

Put your sunglasses and under the skin of Duke Nukem, the legendary epic proportions in the years since winning his last adventure. The alien hordes are back and the duke could save the world. Pig Cops, bar much lower, and large foreign leaders will not stop our hero on one goal: to save the world with the exception of girls and being a bad-ass while doing it.

The king of all shooters is back with his arms above the solid inner core and unprecedented interactivity. This game puts the pedal to the metal and language plays well, among others. Practice a few shots, weightlifting, reading adult magazines, drawing crude messages on the blackboards or ogle the beauty of many women, the life of Duke’s life, if you’re far enough from the ass kicking and taking names. Duke Nukem has been and will always be immortalized in the history of the game, and this is his legend.

The people waiting for Duke Nukem Forever … long. Wait is finally over in June, when the game on the shelf. While the game offers single player mode, a great adventure with some new functions, the multiplayer mode in many respects, to honor the old school, tense, sci-fi deathmatch game yesterday. Suitable Duke (free for all deathmatch), Team Duke Match (Team Death Match), Hail to the King (King of the Hill Mode makes checkpoint arbitrary) and Capture Babe (the game is to speak: this game took four multiplayer modes Capture The flag, which we later). We’ve got our hands on a multiplayer game and have much to report.

How To Play

Our first round of the multiplayer game has been known for all Duke of Wild West-themed card as Morning Wood-free. Although the map of the site was a barren landscape, outdoors with only a handful of buildings, the actual distribution seemed kind of deathmatch maps firmer, faster than the old school Quake and Unreal Tournament players and know and love. Map of different weapons produced in several spawn points (empty points are started by the rotation of the symbols, nuclear red clover, has spawn a yellow and then green deals before recurrence of new weapons). The lower end of weapons, including rifles, appeared to spawn at the edge of the city, while the high-end devices such as grenade launchers powered rocket minigun ripper, shrinking ray, rocket launchers and pair as a destroyer of all products within known or destroyed homes or difficult accessible, but easy to learn and alleys around the building.

Interestingly, the radius of tightening is one of the weapons on this map, its slow and reduces the ignition energy is out of his goal, a little embarrassing size (making your opponent vulnerable to crushing by the enemies until your little one, by targeting them with the reticle, and press again to fire), but this card also had many gaps and holes in its leadership and by building coverage, which are to navigation by players who had fallen.

It took us maybe all 12:11 – After a weapon What pattern recognition El Duque, and with a beautiful sight, a laser light gun, Red Gold, and not just the old el your packaging Punch automatic pistol. This meant that every time you die (and admit we have sometimes lost, and eliminates one of the 2K Games Tester staff meeting) Track Mind real en el Frente had better hardware Pursuit Thurs tried some moments considerare NSA (and some deaths) are un antes la nos map brings sense (note the first time that she had played the game in multijuga, and “The First Time, to trace all have to) But, as seized weapons and logo Mad As Rabbit jumping trying to connect to . are killed parr As many as possible Rados We were frustrating times, someone sí All Catch the golden statue of Duke (the production el damaging double with a gun) or steroids (the what makes it un maíz attack damage resistance and makes your body is a body – with the United Nations coup Fort pe Past – provide damage almost always fatal) We have También a la par de la la Mata drop bombs on objects Granada, contact Mind Like These Arms of curiosities Now, if your swing, you can one with a meta tag to reach.

After playing through Dukematch, we jumped into Team Dukematch, which took place on a level called Hoover Damned. The map consisted of cordoned-off streets outside of a hydroelectric plant that had been infested with a gigantic, fleshy alien outgrowth above it. This map had a pretty linear design that seemed to encourage players to keep moving in groups from one end to the other, bookending their trek with jump pads that launched us up into the pulsating alien growth, where the RPG waited for us.

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Cars 2 The Video Game Review

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Cars 2 Game Info
Game Title : Cars 2 The Video Game
Developer : Disney Interactive
Publisher : Rovio
Platform : PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Wii, Mac OS X
Genre : Racing
Release date : US: June 21, 2011

Cars 2: The Video Game will be released this summer for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and DS / Mac PC. In developing Avalanche Studios – the team behind “Toy Story 3: The Game – the game, such as movies, sports spy theme.

More specifically, the players (motorized Operations Command Headquarters for Reconstruction and espionage) in the world of chrome, where you can choose from more than 20 characters / cars to bring. After the announcement, the players’ take on dangerous missions simulation with high-tech devices to prevent or delay the enemy.

Who can say that video games based on movies can’t be great! For Sayers, yes, but I have to say a four letter word …. CARS! Then leads to some as the best racing game of all time series to all new levels. It’s pretty safe to say that Gran Turismo has replaced the best racing game ever.

Hit the jump for a detailed analysis of this great title!

Cars 2: The game is all the fun of Burnout Paradise, which is mixed with the precision of Gran Turismo and spices with an incredible action stealth like Splinter Cell. It even has a history as any Bethesda or Bioware has never been rivals. Combine that with the incredible voice acting talent Larry the Cable Guy, and we can have a fast runner for game of the year.

How To Play

Inspired by the Disney-Pixar animated film “Cars 2” opens June 24 Car 2: The Game lets players take the car directly universe 2 spy plane cars with their favorite car in exotic locations around the world . Disney Interactive Studios is the interactive entertainment unit of The Walt Disney Co.

In the game, players can train to become a spy for first class when a dangerous mission in the competition for the fastest race cars in the world or use your spy skills in racing and fighting scenes. Players can compete against friends and family in single or multiplayer mode up to four players. DS version did not even see an exclusive location in the world in the film.

The game includes 25 different characters in a tow truck Mater, Lightning McQueen Racing Star and Finn McMissile new characters and Holley Shift Well, these spies. Players can be trained to spy master in international training center called Chrome (Office for Reconstruction and exploitation of intelligence engine) again.

Players can also:

-participate in simulated missions with high-tech gadgets to prevent and discourage the opposition.

-Images can only run for reversing maneuver, air tricks, running boards and obstacles to avoid two-wheel drive.

-With Online Car World Connect is a free to play virtual world based on the film.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Game Info
Game Title : Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Developer : Treyarch
Publisher : Activision
Platform : Internet/LAN, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network
Genre : Shooter
Release date : US: November 09, 2010, Europe: November 09, 2010, Japan: November 18, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a shooter at first in a series of Call of Duty. Black Ops is the seventh series after Call of Duty Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Black Ops is a game of Call of Duty first Cold War context of use. This game was released November 9, 2010. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. If launching November 9, the turnover of the game in 24 hours with 5.6 million copies sold.

The launch of a low titer, low-budget independent game developed without any real hope. If you think you really have to play together. After months of hype, and attended one of the tragedies of the situation in the history of the last game by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Black Ops is released. Thank you to the attractiveness of the subject, the origin of the name, and the success of the terrible last game of the series, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops is destined to become a great success from the moment it was announced. But is it good?

Character and Setting

Call of Duty: Black Ops took the background during the Cold War in the 1960s. This story focuses on the CIA’s secret operations behind enemy lines. The mission included taking place in all corners of the world are like the Urals in Russia, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam. Single player games are made ​​to the secret Soviet biological weapons by the original name of the “New 6 ” to reveal.

The player controls a number of Special Forces operations, Alex Mason and sometimes CIA agent Jason Hudson, and other characters. Mason has often worked with Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman, while bertim Hudson Grigory Weaver, an agent of Russian origin. Viktor Reznov, the main character of the Soviet campaign in World at War again. Russian protagonists of the World At War, Dimitri Petrenko and appearances. Black Ops also offers historical figures who met John F. Kennedy Mason, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro.

How To Play

Black Ops is a game of first person shooters. Players assume the role of infantry, several firearms, two of which can be done in time for practice, throwing hand grenades and other explosives and other devices as weapons. A player is close enough to kill enemies knife strokes. The characters may have three positions: standing, kneeling or prone position, each has a speed of movement, precision and stealth. Players can appear vulnerable in the running state. Players can sprint for a while, but tired. The screen turns red to indicate the damage to the health of the players who are from time to time. If the character’s life within a radius of a grenade, a marker indicates the direction of the grenade, which allows players to fly or to take it back. Bow hunting weapons of explosive bolts and ammunition, cartridges and knives ballistic Dragon breath.

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Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Game Info
Game Title : Angry Birds
Developer : Rovio
Publisher : Rovio
Platform : iOS, Maemo, Palm webOS, Android, Symbian^3, PSP/PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, Windows, WebGL
Genre : Puzzle
Release date : December 10, 2009

Angry Birds is a puzzle game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. In particular, inspired by the style of drawing birds with wings, this game was first released in the IOS of Apple in December 2009.

With titles like Angry Birds, you just know this game a little on the weird side. And while it is certainly strange, Angry Birds is also an important physical confused mix of strategy, violence, and chance to make a solid casual game.

Angry Birds praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, the style is hilarious, and cheap price. Its popularity led angry bird version for personal computers and videogame consoles, the market for products with the characters and long-term plans even for a movie or TV series.

How To Play

Angry birds, the player takes control of a pair of colorful birds, eggs from sick pigs stolen green groups try here. At each level, the pigs are protected by the structure of different materials such as wood, stone and ice, and the goal is, all pigs in the plan. With catapult, the introduction of bird players with good intentions to take the pigs directly or damage to the structure that leads to collapse and the beast will kill. At different stages of the game, finding additional items such as crates of explosives and rock into the air, and can be used by the birds to destroy hard-to-pig here.

There are several species of birds in the game. In the first phase of the fundamental red bird is unique. As players progress through the game, other species of birds were available, some birds are more effective for certain materials or special abilities, which is driven by a player after a bird was started, for example, a blue bird. can be divided into three birds, the explosion of black and white bird is a bird’s eggs fall explosion. pigs come in different sizes. Although pork is relatively weak for small and easily destroyed, either direct fire or debris of buildings collapsed, more pigs are able to support more damage. In addition, some pigs on a helmet, such as steel, making them more resistant to damage, and a pig with a crown, the most damage.

Each level begins with a model number and order of birds that have been identified. If all pigs by the time the last bird was beaten, the level is finished and the next level is locked. Assessed points for each pig and fight for the damage or destruction of structures and bonus points are awarded for bird use. After completion of each level, players receive a two or three stars, depending on the value received. The players can try again, the level as often as they do successfully open it or add items and / or earn a star.

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